Cost & Giving

There is no cost to attend or participate at the Montosa Camp Meeting. The Camp Meeting, as it has been since the beginning in 1941, runs and maintains itself on a donation system only. As God Blesses you at the camp we ask you to prayerfully consider how you can be a blessing in return. There are many costs to run and maintain the Camp Meeting and your giving can help to ensure the future of the Camp Meeting for you and your children. Your donation may be placed in the donation box at the registration booth.

4 thoughts on “Cost & Giving

  1. Bruce Rector says:

    Can we come Monday or Tuesday and then leave Thursday evening. We have commitments on Friday? Thanks


  2. ranchmens says:

    Hi Alisa, I am updating the website and saw your message. We only ask for donations to help with camp expenses, whatever the Lord lays on your heart to give.


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